Providence Shipping Group, Inc.

LNG Terminal & Port Operations

LNG Terminal & Port Operations

Facility Management

PSG offers port start-up services to include the installation and commissioning of cargo handling and offload systems. PSG also conducts initial and follow-on operator training, as well as establishing heavy equipment monitoring and preventive maintenance system (PMS) implementation.

LNG Port Operations

Maritime Security

PSG has the expertise to provide critical advice and assistance to our clients to ensure that they are in compliance with all U.S. Federal laws (MTSA), as well as revised IMO standards (ISPS Code), by assessing ports, vessels and maritime facilities (FSA), drafting security plans (FSP), training Facility Security Officers and employees (FSO), auditing facilities, as well as vessels and ports.

Security Assessments:

Both the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) maritime security amendments to SOLAS Chapter XI and the new Mandatory International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code outline strict and detailed requirements for maritime security and training. PSG has the knowledge, expertise, and manpower to conduct complete security assessments to ensure that your company is in total compliance with these regulations. Our services will also help make you safer in this increasingly threatening world.

Security Plans:

The ISPS Code now requires that every port facility and vessel have a viable security plan, including preparation for, prevention of, and response to the changing threat levels in each and every port of business. By developing a comprehensive plan for you, or assisting you in building your own, PSG can give you and your company the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are fully equipped to protect your assets in any contingency.