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LNG Shipping & Terminal Consulting

Marine LNG Shipping & Terminal Consulting

Specializing in LNG Shipping, LNG Export, & LNG Terminal Services

PSG has a dedicated team of consultants with over 30 years of experience in the Maritime Shipping and Transport for the LNG industry. We can provide independent consulting and management services to your energy shipping and/or LNG terminal and export projects.

Along with its associated and strategic partners, PSG offers a tremendous depth of knowledge, expertise, and professional capabilities across the spectrum of ocean shipping and marine services projects. Specifically, PSG has demonstrated proficiency in LNG Shipping including Full Mission-Bridge (FMB) and LNG Vessel Chartering; LNG Export and LNG Arbitrage Cargoes; and LNG Terminal Consulting including small-scale LNG vessel/ATB operations, LNG Tug Services, and LNG Marine Terminal Operating Manuals/Instructions.

Magnolia LNG terminal

Available Services

Past Satisfied Clients Include:

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Hunt Oil Company
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Avant Energy
Pacific Tugboat Services
Magnolia LNG
Auzcon Pty Ltd
Great Eastern Group
APS Services
Orca Maritime
Energia Costa Azul
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